How Boyd Metal Meets the Needs of a Complete Fabrication Service Provider

Fabrication service provider

One of Boyd Metal Industries’ premiere clients, a Western Australian complete fabrication service provider, has been trading successfully for well over 20 years. Highly regarded in industry, they serve predominantly mining and other heavy industry clients, manufacturing a wide range of components – supplying and erecting structural steelwork, conveyor chutes, plate work, pipework and related products.

The relationship with Boyds is a relatively new one, but in the three years they have been relying on Boyds for their plate work, including short notice, quick turnaround commissions, the company has reported a steep uptick in productivity while never compromising on value.

Large capacity

High quality and large-scale capacity

Boyds are market leaders in heavy steel processing with large scale processing capabilities that stand them apart from their rivals in WA. The client sends their steel plates to be rolled and pressed by Boyds due to the assurance they offer in terms of quality.

The previous suppliers used, before starting their association with Boyds, were located much closer and more conveniently, but the extra distance to ship items is no concern due to the high standards Boyds employs.

Their Purchasing Officer, Brendan, neatly explains it: “To send something to be pressed and rolled 40 or 50 minutes away rather than just up the road tells you everything about how valuable their service is to us.”

Workers measuring a steel sheet

A track record of reliability and meeting deadlines

When you speak to anyone at the business in regards to Boyds, one word is repeated over and over again: reliability.

If you’re waiting for even one small piece to be pressed it can hold up an entire job,” says  Brendan.

That one small piece of the jigsaw is vital, so we rely on them and they always come through.

The fact that Boyds has such a large scale capacity and the necessary resources all under the one roof means their processes are both streamlined and function even under the stress of time pressures. It is not unusual to request Boyds’ meet extremely tight turnarounds.

Being able to deliver on time is so important to us and Boyds does that. On those rare times there is a problem they can always rectify it.” says Brendan

I would recommend Boyds to anyone looking for the same service. They’re so easy to deal with, just a good group of guys who know the industry and what we need from them.”

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