Architectural Steel

At Boyd Metal Industries, we love working collaboratively with our clients to ensure we deliver the best solution for their project needs.

When it comes to architectural steel, these solutions need to be adaptable to changing project requirements. We understand the industry, so we’re always working to ensure our workflow process is flexible, our consultations are helpful and our products are perfect.

Pieces of designed steel

Tailored solutions

We work with architects, artists and designers to deliver architecturally sound and aesthetically beautiful bespoke steel solutions.

Our heavy steel processing capabilities of pressing, section rolling and plate rolling allow us to meet design specifications, while our close relationships with sister companies mean we can offer a one-stop shop solution.

Our steel processing experts know a thing or two about steel, so they are on hand for consultation and recommendations regarding materials, shapes, processes and finishes.

Architecture High Capacity

High capacity workflow

Not only does Boyds offer a broad scope of in-house custom steel processing capabilities, but we have the expertise and resources to allow high capacity turnover.

Pressing heavy steel plate from 1mm to 100mm on our six machines, we have the biggest range of press brake equipment in Perth and the capabilities to press almost any steel or metal.

With nine section rolling machines, we boast the biggest and widest range in Perth.

We can do what others can’t… like cold roll steel sections up to 610UB on edge, and 300 x 70 FB, 250NB pipe.

Our range of plate rolling machines allows us to roll light and heavy gauge plates using a range of materials into simple, standard shapes or more complex shapes – we can meet almost any plate rolling requirement.

BMI - Architectural components

Architectural components

Our specialist custom steel processing capabilities for the architectural industry include:

  • Staircases
  • Artworks
  • Fascias
  • Playgrounds
  • Handrails
  • Architectural awnings
  • Furniture for public use e.g. park benches
  • Planter boxes
Boyd Metal - Superior architecture service

Superior service

With a team of experts committed to providing personalised services and fit-for-purpose solutions, we deliver precise, high-quality workmanship on time, every time.

We understand the pressures our clients face to meet deadlines, project specifications and delivery schedules, so being available to our clients and working collaboratively to solve problems and deliver solutions is central to our service.

We focus every step of our business workflow on efficiency and quality, from planning and processing through to delivery.

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