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Leading the industry for more than 50 years

Established in 1964, Boyd Metal Industries provides expert heavy steel processing solutions to the Western Australian market.

After 54 years as a successful family business, Boyds amalgamated with Southern Steel in 2018, allowing our resources and capabilities to expand and our family values to prosper.

At Boyds, we live and breathe steel, so we know what our clients need and want. That’s why we are renowned for reliable service delivery, high quality end products and efficiency.

One-stop shop solution

Our broad scope of in-house custom steel processing capabilities and strong connection with sister companies allows Boyd Metal Industries to offer a one-stop shop solution for your steel processing needs.

As leaders in pressing, plate rolling, section rolling and steel cutting, we have the capability and resources to manage complex and high volume projects, without compromising on quality.

A team of experts

At Boyds, our team of steel processing experts are our most valuable asset, and we have built a strong reputation as an equal opportunity employer that invests in its staff.

Passionate about steel, our team is committed to providing our clients with personalised service and fit-for-purpose steel solutions.

Our estimators and tradesmen have the most advanced skills in Perth and deliver precise, high quality workmanship on time, every time.

But we know that it takes more than quality workmanship to deliver projects… that’s why our sales professionals, managers and administration staff are on hand to ensure customer satisfaction.

We understand the pressures our clients face to meet deadlines, project specifications and delivery schedules, so being available to our clients and working collaboratively to solve problems and deliver solutions is central to our service.

Commitment to quality

With just one point of contact who coordinates and manages the business workflow, our clients minimise time wasted managing logistics, eliminate unnecessary transportation costs and avoid dealing with multiple suppliers.

We focus every step of our business workflow process on efficiency and quality, from planning and processing, through to delivery.

We instil this commitment to quality in every member of our team through consistent communication, regular training and the highest expectations of performance.

Long-standing reputation

This commitment to consistently delivering high quality products and services is why we have a long-standing reputation as the leader in heavy steel processing in Western Australia.

We draw our client base from a range of industries, including mining, transport, architecture and agriculture.

With the capacity to press standard, non-standard and oversized components in tight timeframes, we can meet the complex and demanding requirements of our clients.

Want a one-stop shop steel solution?

At Boyd Metal Industries, we can handle all your steel processing requirements under one roof. Find out more about our capabilities, or get in touch.

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