Section Rolling

At Boyd Metal Industries, we specialise in section rolling structural steel for curved angles, pipes, beams, tank stiffeners and flanges, with the skills and expertise to process complex and non-standard requirements.

A man working in the section rolling machines

An industry leader

With nine section rolling machines, we are the only heavy steel processing company in Western Australia that can cold roll steel sections up to 610UB on edge, 300 x 70 FB and 250NB pipe.

Our high capacity section roll machinery gives us the largest capacity in Perth for section rolling and includes seven Roundo section roll machines, from the smaller R3 to the largest R11.

Extensive capabilities

From staircases to roofing structures to artworks, Boyd Metal Industries has extensive section rolling capabilities that include, but are not limited to:

  • PFC (75PFC to 380PFC)
  • Equal angle (25x3EA to 200x20EA)
  • Pipe (20NB to 250NB)
  • Universal beams (150UB to 610UB125)
  • Universal columns (100UC to 310UC)
  • SHS & RHS (40 x 1.6 to 250 x 9.0SHS)
  • Flat bar on edge (40 x 3 to 250 x 12)
  • Rail/monorail
  • Aluminium and stainless sections

We live and breathe steel

At Boyds, our steel processing experts are our most valuable asset.

Passionate about steel, our team is committed to providing our clients with personalised service and fit-for-purpose steel solutions.

Our estimators and tradesmen have the most advanced skills in Perth and deliver precise and high quality workmanship on time, every time.

But we know that it takes more than quality workmanship to deliver projects… that’s why our sales professionals, managers and administration staff are on hand to ensure customer satisfaction.

We understand the pressures our clients face to meet deadlines, project specifications and delivery schedules, so being available to our clients and working collaboratively to solve problems and deliver solutions is central to our service.

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