Steel Processing

Boyd Metal Industries offers quality plasma steel processing services through our sister company, which operates out of our Perth facility.

With a combination of industry expertise, state-of-the-art profile cutting technology and the Southern Steel commitment to quality, they are a respected industry leader.

Using the latest high definition plasma technology, they can offer a range of cutting and drilling services that provide precision, quality and flexibility.

Plasma cutting

High definition plasma cutting

High definition plasma cutting technology delivers both quality and precision.

By super constraining the plasma flow from the nozzle, the cut is cleaner, the kerfs of the cut are narrower, and the edges are kept square.

This technique results in unsurpassed quality on mild steel and quench & tempered plate.

A significant investment in a number of high definition plasma machines and the extensive experience of the team mean that they can work with a wide range of materials and achieve the tight tolerances and quality you require.


  • Width – up to 3.2m
  • Length – up to 15m
  • Thickness – up to 50mm
  • Tolerance – +/-2mm


  • All grades of steel
  • Quench & tempered materials
  • Overlay plate
Plasma Cutting machine


Drilling, tapping and countersinking services are also available, with the capacity to drill up to 80mm plate.

Using the latest kinetic technology, they can achieve tight tolerances of the highest quality.

Drilling specifications

  • Depth – 10mm to 100mm plate
  • Drill – 10mm to 100mm holes
  • Tolerance – +/- 2mm


  • All grades of steel
  • Wear plate

Oxy cutting

With oxy-fuel cutting (or flame cutting) capabilities, carbon and low alloy steels such as mild steel and quenched and tempered steel can be CNC profiled between 32mm and 300mm thick.

They use the oxy cutting process for plate above 32mm thick.


  • Width – up to 3.2m
  • Length – up to 15m
  • Thickness – up to 300mm
  • Tolerance – +/-2mm

We live and breathe steel

At Boyd Metal Industries, our steel processing experts are our most valuable asset.

Passionate about steel, our team is committed to providing our clients with personalised service and fit-for-purpose steel solutions.

Our estimators and tradesmen have the most advanced skills in Perth and deliver precise, high quality workmanship on time, every time.

But we know that it takes more than quality workmanship to deliver projects… that’s why our sales professionals, managers and administration staff are on hand to ensure customer satisfaction.

We understand the pressures our clients face to meet deadlines, project specifications and delivery schedules, so being available to our clients and working collaboratively to solve problems and deliver solutions is central to our service.

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